Perfect lawns from degree qualified Landscape Architect experienced in Turf Management & Garden Art.

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Turf Management

We are passionate about beautiful lawns – so we will refurbish or totally replace your lawn.

We take pride in our turf management & cutting the perfect lawn – that's why we use both reel mowers and rotary mowers.

We have perfected 'old time square edges' leaving your lawn with a stunning finish. We undertake dethatching, coring and top dressing, as well as pest and disease identification/management which includes full fertilization and spray programs. Looking for the perfect lawn?

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Pest and disease management

Pests and diseases are prolific in Auckland – in achieving a healthy garden and lawn, management of these matters are critical.

Our preference in managing your garden is to limit the use of Agrichems, however, where there is a need we will handle these issues in a safe, healthy and experienced manner.

In our experience truly organic methods require daily and/or multiple applications – to be cost effective this needs to be administered by you.

Our experience indicates that manufactured ‘organic’ products have a limited effect but can still be harmful to beneficial insects. Such products still require 'safe handling'. Be prepared by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – we will be, being fully suited, with, face shield, rubber boots, respirator and rubber gloves – this is for our safety.

Spraying will not take place in either the vicinity of the general public and/or animals, nor in inappropriate environmental weather conditions.

Upon completion of spraying, you will be advised in writing on what and where we have sprayed and the expected time for safe re-entry/withholding period to the location.

Looking for responsible pest and disease management?

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Garden Art

At HomeScape we believe a garden should be more than just plantings. A truly stunning garden needs to incorporate many different colours and textures, this includes garden art and/or sculpture. If the right piece cannot be found, we will create your own unique piece. Our preference is to incorporate lighting into our custom piece's so there is a soft illumination during the evening hours.

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Book a professional gardener

Happy to manage your garden environmentally sensibly. If you have an enquiry or would like a quote on a job.

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Why choose HomeScape?


Our quality is what keeps us in business

We invest in our garden and turf management equipment and take time to properly maintain this equipment


Managing your garden will require knowledge of;

  • prevailing weeds
  • awareness of inappropriate pests and diseases
  • garden aspect
  • soil type
  • drainage
  • current plant population and appearance
  • site contour

we have that knowledge