Our garden design work

Bush, Meadow, Beach

The Auckland garden design project involved removing a very invasive Chinese Toon (Cedrela sinensis ‘Flamingo’) that had taken over the original garden. The client requested we design a colourful sub tropical garden with garden edging, a Cycus revoluta and a lawn that included the existing bench. HomeScape dug up the Chinese Toon, hand sifted the soil and replaced with a lawn built to USGA standards and redesigned the entire front yard.

Lesley's gardens of the world

Lesley loves all types of gardens although HomeScape had to work within a small land area and tight budget we managed to include many different types of gardens including a memorial garden for her late son. The garden is being constantly worked on so is a work in progress and is built on as budget allows.

The waterfall garden

The client was re-doing their deck and wanted to replace the old and tied garden that existed and found a large fiberglass rock/water feature at one of the garden centre's. HomeScape worked with this idea as well as the client and created this spectacular water course.

Our garden maintenance work

Garden designed by Robyn Willis, and managed by HomeScape

Garden co-designed and managed by HomeScape and client

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Environmentally sensible

What does "environmentally sensible" mean?

There are times that a new idea that is supposedly environmentally revolutionary is actually harder on the environment than the original technique it replaces. Take the latest fad, to plant entirely with New Zealand natives. HomeScape has a study showing that inappropriately planted evergreen tree(s) could create the same levels of dampness to a house as a leaky home. In some cases the leaky homes were caused by plantings and not the building structure.

Around the world most countries will have adopted the approach of utilizing ‘native trees and shrubs’ as environmentally sensible, however, New Zealand is not most countries. Our native trees are 99.99% evergreen and a significant number grow to very large sizes. The incorrect placement of these trees, especially in small urban properties, can harm the environment not enhance it.

At HomeScape we think about these issues instead of following the latest fads. The environmental lobby has bought to everyone's attention the need to protect the environment. There are some individuals that believe we should return to the ‘cave’ and on the other hand, there are some who simply don’t care.

At HomeScape we are convinced that a correctly constructed garden and lawn will perform well in helping to safeguard our environment. However there is always a need for water, food, weed, pest and disease control. The skill is, knowing how to limit the need for nutrients and control by utilizing ‘sensible’ gardening practices. HomeScape has the skill.